Wednesday, August 24, 2005

London, Moving House etc.

OK, so we have actually moved into Phil and Cath's lush house in Uplands complete with several hundred bin bags of washing and various boxes of folders stuffed with utterly pointless notes. We also have a flashing police light and cuddly Pikachu which I won in a raffle a couple of days ago.

The London trip was a lot of fun and the Gallo gig was great because the tracks from the album sounded amazing with a band backing them and Theresa, the heavily pregnant female vocalist/drummer also had a really beautiful voice. The only downer was waiting two hours for the band to arrive only to go on to play a 10 song set which literally only lasted about an hour.
Somehow it didn't seem to matter at the time, which is possibly because I managed to elbow a barrage of Japanese girls out of the way to get an autograph from Vincent who had a sexy modern Elvis thing going on complete with powder blue and white leather jacket and shiny white cowboy boots.

When we left Koko - a very beautiful and red converted theatre in which by London standards, drinks aren't actually all that expensive - we headed for a bar in Camden and I bonded with a weird American girl (Kelly I think) over a fetish for liquorice rizzlas. She had a strange fringe and an even stranger voice, also she moved kind of bizarrely but I was wasted by this point and keen to talk to any weirdo - except Pete Docherty who was sat on the table opposite looking like the jerk he is and trying to blag free drinks from any kid desperate enough to talk to him (and believe me there were quite a few). The night was quite fun until Alex's mate Jof decided to tell Kelly's sister she looked like a mentally challenged fish and then things took a turn for the worse. Well actually nothing really happened apart from a few feeble displays of male testosterone and boredom setting in before bedtime.

Next day I met a sweet girl who lives with Tom and freelances for a Polish newspaper in London, spent a tenner on a leather jacket from the Stables market, and went record shopping. In Select-A-Disk I was looking at Beach Boys CDs when this guy came up to me and offered me a job as a creative writing assistant editor for Bloomsbury. It was very strange.

A new boy has moved into our old Mumbles house -
His name is David, he is Italian and likes Iron Maiden, Savatage and numerous other cheesy old school metal bands. He plays guitar in a band called 'Blazing Steel'. Check out which is his bass player/singer's other band. They're huge in Italy.

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