Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Last day teaching practise

So, its finally over. Today was officially my last teaching practise and now I just have a couple of assignments to do before I finish the course.
This month has gone so quickly and I can quite believe the rapid rate at which I have become increasingly slack. It started off with cooking "well, maybe we COULD go for doner again tonight...I mean it was really good yesterday", this then progressed to housework (after all, we do have a cleaner), then finally schoolwork - which is why I'm sat here at 11.30pm just starting 2 pieces of work which are due in at 9.00 tomorrow. I met a couple of people on the course who are also pulling regular allnighters which is reassurring.
One annoying thing about this place is the Earl Grey which tastes nothing like the stuff in Britain - it's completely bland, a black hole of flavour. Might have to get some shipped over pretty soon; I'm getting desperate!

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