Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Blow up

Just saw this yesterday at a teeny tiny cinema somewhere in Prenzlauer Berg. The screen was all crackly and the sound was a little wobbly at times, and it was subtitled in German to boot (but at least it wasn't dubbed and so I got the chance to hear the beautiful tones of the youthful and educated North London accent once again - so lovely, so much more romantic than French). It was wonderful - this film is amazing. I'd seen it before but remembered it as being completely different to this. It's just so so brilliant. When people talk about the swinging 60s, the conversation usually turns into some Beatlesy love fest. Blow Up is at once cruel, distanced and heartwarmingly warm, it works so well that it maks me want to live in London. Which is bizarre. But then again 1960s London is a whole different kettle of fish, where else could you walk into an antiques store and buy a propellor - on a whim? I LOVE the mimed tennis game in the final scene, it's just perfect. Antonioni is a genius.


Phil said...

You really are an odd girl.

Phil said...

Also - What the hell is that bizarre pink monstrosity called Razmatazz?!

Habst du herr Kartoffelkopf?

Nie said...

Do you remember where the theater is located? thanks,