Sunday, November 12, 2006

Reach for the SKY

So I finally got that high flying media job I've been hankering after since I was a wee lass. In a call centre, sorry, a contact centre ( apparently customers don't like the term "call centre" as it's much less fluffy and friendly than "contact" therefore the original term is now obselete). I knew my Masters Degree would come in useful, and this job with all its advantages such as; a £5.90 hourly rate; half an hour lunch break; stressful coversations with "angry" and sometimes "raging" customers (recognising the differences between the two types is all important but I'll come to that in a bit); having to get up at six fourty five just to get to the office on time; and the fact that my first two days pay will be withheld until I've stayed there for five weeks, are factors highlighting the benefits of the level of success in the workplace a humanities graduate can hope to achieve after higher education. Boundless prospects and opportunities give way to disilusion, depression, poverty and acceptance. I've moved from a state of career denial into one of jaded acceptance regarding the kind of job I can hope to get, I've read that just recognising this is the most important FIRSY STEP so hopefully my bitter resignation has prevented the need for an intervention to be staged!

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