Sunday, December 03, 2006

Apples of the ground of the sky: Herring

Since my last post, I have finished my fantastic but short-lived job at Sky and opted for a more lucrative and convenient position in tech. support for BT Broadband. It ain't thrilling stuff, and although I am passing my POL's with flying colours, when it comes to doing practical and useful stuff like configuring my laptop for a wireless connection,I am at a loss. God only knows why the network cannot assign an IP address to it, and how I should rectify this. It's bloomin' annoying.
If I can't actually help customers fix their IT problems when Iget to take their phone calls next week, I have at least met some interesting (and pretty offensive) people in the training group, and I'm having fun too.

Last night we went to see Richard Herring. He was funny but a combination of annoying hecklers and a surprisingly conservative audience seemed to throw him a bit and he said that he felt he had to cut out a lot of material he had planned to use for the show for fear of offending the audience. I felt this was a shame as he had some really funny ideas, but as he rightly said "Once you've covered the rape of the stigmata of Christ, where is there left to go?". Just wish I'd had the chance to find out!

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