Saturday, December 30, 2006

Feeling self indulgent?

Well, Christmas is now over and 2007 is nearly upon us. What do I have to show for the past year? Not a lot to be honest. Just getting drunk and making a tit of myself, saying stupid stuff to people I know and people I don't, flitting about from one crappy job to the next (oh God the STATE of my CV!!!!!). Running out of money.
I'm broke and lazy and nobody has replied to emails or text messages in two days.
Plus I don't feel very well, my back aches and my throat is sore.
A friend of mine asked me if I ever read the Myspace pages of people I fancied/really, really , really wanted to be friends with and checked out their other (female) friends - a great way to research the competition. Now, although I AM very much attached, I do have certain male friends who have been a little quiet/crap of late. So I took this great advice and I did it today. Several times in fact. And it's depressing, probably quite psychologically damaging too. Their friends are all either dirrrty peroxide grrrls or pretty little waifs who deliberately spell things wrong so as to appear cool and "arty". And they're all so bloody happy ALL OF THE TIME!!!!
How do you meet these happy-go-richie-luckies? I demand my own one.
Is nobody bitter or sarcastic or lonely any more? Surely it can't just be me?

Thanks goodness I have such a grrrrrrrrrrrrreat song on my blog otherwise this could be depressing. Uplifting...... Oh yeah, almost forgot - I passed my MA.


Anonymous said...

maybe you should become a drrrty waif and bag a peroxide richy of your own then, you crazee?

taz said...

Ooohhh! Post! I wonder who this could be from...(!)

taz said...


Es said...

Having not succumbed to this whole myspace thing(what happened to meeting friends & things, or at least talking to them? Maybe I'm just getting old...)I'd like to point out that a)these people aren't friends, they are made up characters existing only in their own imagination and b)the pictures aren't really them.