Friday, May 04, 2007

Do you have a father?

We had our Demo lessons today and, well let's just say mine didn't go exactly the way I'd planned it, but I seem to have a good few hours TP next week which is great because I'm rapidly running out of money, and I had thought that I might have to fly home and move back to the Ford. Which would have been awful. I also finally have a bank account here now so charges should be a little more reasonable. head is killing me - either the result of cheap champagne after the training at 4.30 or the dirty Caipirhinia at 5.00. Ouch!


Chucho said...

Champagne at midnight I would love to drink with you in Berlin....the dirty caipirinha I don't know. Very nice blog!

Angelina Rose said...

i am interested in your blog. great taste and beauty you share. thanks