Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wo is Magdeburg?

I've just spent the past week shuffling a ridiculously heavy suitcase between a youth hostel and a hotel in Magdeburg on my first teaching mission. What a bizarre and exhausting experience! After having a terrible time with a bunch of low level learners, I was then transferred to an intensive advanced business English programme during which I worked relatively long hours for the rest of the week with three very laddy lads who were employed in selling network communications products for an international company. They were really sweet and lively so my job was incredibly easy as they mainly wanted to make dirty jokes which were usually pretty unavoidable if I followed the teaching manual - HUMIDITY "Ask them where is sticky, warm and wet." being a case in point.
It's wonderful to be back at home again now. I love Berlin.


honeysuckle1023 said...

That sounds like an interesting adventure! I have always dreamed of teaching something, anything really. I hope you do well in your travels.
And yes, guys are very perverted sometimes, but they make me giggle inside though with some of their jokes :)

taz said...

Oh, thank you. Well, the last couple of years didn't really quite work out according to plan, but they were certainly interesting. Ha ha! ;)
Your ceramic jewelry is very lovely, I used to make necklaces as my grandmother had a fantastic collection of beads and gemstones. You've inspired me to get stuck in again...
Congratulations on that first sale, hope your business flourishes!