Thursday, October 08, 2009

Jewish humour

As part of my predilection for American Jews and jewish humour, I have decided to create a glossary of Yiddish terminology to make life a little easier, and to aid in my research into the phenomenon of Shix appeal as evidenced by Elaine's experiences with the Rabbi in Seinfeld?

Of course, moving to Munich was probably not the best bet for finding a hot Jewish husband (hanging around outside Dachau or the Holocaust museum is probably not the best place to pick up) but hey, there you go. Incidentally, my name does mean "perfect" in Hebrew, so this is probably a good place to start for the glossary.

Chutzpah: audacity
Meshugenah: crazy person
Mishugas: nonesense
Kosher: on the level, legitimate
Mazltov: good luck
Schmuck: idiot, fool

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