Saturday, October 03, 2009

Late Show with Letterman

This is the second time that David Letterman has been faced with extortion. The first instance was in 2005 when his house painter was charged with plotting to kidnap his son. This time around, Letterman was blackmailed by a CBS producer who demanded a cool 2 million in exchange for keeping quiet about Letterman's previous dalliances with staff on The Late Show . How pathetic! How this guy ever landed a job at CBS, I'll never know. Thanks to a successful Sting operation he has now been arrested, and will hopefully never set foot within a 20 mile radius of the CBS studios again.

For all the money that they earn, household names like Letterman and TV news anchors like Jill Dando never get the level of protection they need, and are the recipients of frequent death threats and blackmail. The whole industry must be totally screwed up if self-righteous Hollywood movie stars can rally around to protect monsters like Polanski and his 'lifetime achievements', while other, innocent entertainers are left completely vulnerable to people machinating against them - both outside and inside the industry.

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