Monday, July 11, 2005

News and Views

Such a lot has happened since my last post it's difficult to know where to start. Here's a brief outline of the weekend's events...

Whilst working in the shop selling flip flops, sun tan lotion and beach balls to hordes of American, Spanish and Italian tourists I heard on the news about the London bombings which resulted in frantic phone calls to London based friends over my lunch hour; they were all ok.
Of course, the bombings meant that Mega-Bus wasn't running properly and in addition to this we were warned on the news not to travel in or out of London until the situation had calmed down. This scuppered our plans to meet up with Aussie Scott and to attempt to drink in all the places on the London Monopoly board (presumably Scott's plan didn't include the 'Jail' destination) on Saturday as a lot of the pubs were located in the affected areas.

As an alternative we bought train tickets to Bristol but a by some bizarre twist of fate ended up at an International food festival at Cardiff Milennium Centre where we ran into our old Uni housemate, Jon, who was selling cheese (his parents are cheese farmers). I had a great time eating overpriced veggie burgers and drinking German lager whilst laughing heartily at drunken office workers attempting to dance with a group of kids to a soul band specialising in Otis reading covers. It was so much fun that we went back again the next day and somehow I managed to spend £150 in two days - with only a pair of Mexican earrings to show for it - and they only cost a fiver?!?
We did also manage to make it to Chapter Arts Centre for a yummy curried chicken and mange-tout stir fry. I'm on that fusion cooking vibe.

Above: Alex enjoying the German lager at Cardiff's International Food Festival.

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