Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Tour

Not that I'm particularly interested or excited by watching sweaty men cycling but it seems it is that time of year again and my boyfriend is glued to Sky Sport in the hope that Lance Armstrong will win again - this is after all the last race he is competing in.

Last year we went to Paris with his family for the last leg of the Tour which was a gruelling experience for all involved for various reasons. It wasn't entirely horrific however because we found a bar serving over 500 different varieties of beer from all over the globe - you could literally drink your way around the world if you had the stomach for it! We didn't get there until after two in the morning and the bar closed at four but we gave it a good shot anyway.

I finally went to a little Vegetarian sweet shop in the Upalnds today which specialises in traditional Indian sweets. Surprisingly filling but quite tasty even though the different flavours are quite similar and always involve carrots and almonds in some way. Not necessarily a bad thing.

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