Thursday, July 21, 2005

Petnapping and its terrible consequences.

During my lunch break I overheard this story on radio four and it really made me laugh, this makes me a very bad person.

The radio broadcast was about the recent surge in petnapping (by this I mean people stealing other people's pets, to sell, vivisect, etc.) the program was pretty boring but I was midway through a cheese and onion toastie so I decided to listen to it anyway. This incredibly annoying upper class, Kensington lady was droning on about her Staffordshire Bull Terrier being stolen from her back garden. The wrought iron fence being 5 ft high, this was the only explanation as to why the horrible creature was missing - there's no way its stumpy legs could have propelled it that high into the air. The devastated woman spoke about her vain efforts to find her beloved pet, putting up posters, phoning the local vets, she even set up a website for Pippy.
The website and posters were partially successful as the dog owner received lots and lots of phone calls from people claiming to have found her dog, however all leads (pun not intended) turned out to be false. Then one day, a new post arrived on Pippy's website which the lady eagerly opened only to discover, to her horror that the new lead to Pippy's whereabouts was actually a picture of the dog. Someone had doctored the poster of Pippy,he now had a pair of bloodied devil horns sticking out from either side of his head and Nicole Kidman's face!!


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