Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Blog from the Shire

Have been here for a couple of weeks now and the initial charm is beginning to wear off.
Have taken to long walks in the countryside in an attempt to combat my lethargy and yesterday I got chased by a dog and nearly run over by two tractors and a cattle lorry- having spent so much time away from home I had forgotton about the lack of paths on these narrow roads and was forced into a muddy ditch several times on my quiet ramble, thus getting several nettle stings and very muddy. Note to self: wear wellies NOT ballet pumps when out walking in future.
It's good weather here, sunny if a little cold but the nights are freezing and I'm finding it hard to sleep (missing Alex a bit). Had a great idea this morning as I was lying in bed, I began thinking that maybe a small ticking clock inside a novelty hot water bottle cover could effectively simulate a human heartbeat? Of course, my boyfriend isn't particulary furry or shaped like a small bear for that matter but it's well worth a try.

Films I have seen this week: When Harry Met Sally, Reality Bites


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