Friday, October 21, 2005

Why I'll miss Swampea

Now that I'm about to go back to the family home indefinitely I've realised that after four years it's kind of scary to finally be leaving uni and to have to start job hunting.
Right now I can think of least five things I'm going to miss about Swansea:-

1)My hairdresser at uni
She is punk rock and used to have a mohawk, although she currently sports a funky beehive hairdo and bright red lippy. Her laissez faire attitude towards hairdressing amuses me; eg. she smokes whilst washing my hair.

2)Living with Alex
Phone calls are stupid and expensive and living together is much nicer.

3)The sea
Swimming in the sea then sunbathing on the beach after work this summer was wonderful, of course it's a bit too cold to do this in the winter months. When it's cold I love to watch the molten lead waves crashing against the sea wall and to look out to flaming lights and smoke of industrial Port Talbot. Its a dystopian paradise, this 'ugly, beautiful' place.

Feel like I've just discovered the new Jailhouse in the shape of the Inferno in Uplands and now sadly I may never get to play on the circular pool table. Sniff sniff...

5)Wales (?)
It's just over the border.We're neighbours.


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