Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Keeping regular

Looks like Little Miss Blog-a-lot has become Little Miss Blog-not-a-lot. Back in the Ford, you see, lack of internet action. I'm holding out for some Rick Mayall/Trigger from Only Fools sightings in the organic veg section of Morrisons. I've already bought some cheap Stollen even though Christmas is so far away tis ridiculous.

Noting terribly exciting has happened of late with the exception of a quick visit to Cardiff for ANL gig which was mighty fun and I was jumping around like a crazy bean towards the end of the night. Plus I got a coupla free stickers from the gig (which is always nice) and the chance to stay in a comfy purple bed surrounded by My Little Ponies and fluffy cushions.

The Neighbours reunion episode I have so been looking forward to was a mite bit disappointing yesterday, but I was delighted to see that Sarah has ditched the tatooed lip liner in favour of A REALLY FAT HEAD. Who would have thought it?
Also Billy had clearly only been given about five minutes to learn his lines - he's obviously capable of acting as he's quite good in House. Anyway, I need to get back to work so that's it for now. xxx

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