Friday, September 22, 2006

Crucify me

Call me cynical if you like but I'm tempted to think that Dominik Diamond didn't ever actually intend to get nailed to a cross by a bunch of Filipinos; it's a great title for a TV show because, after all, who wouldn't want to watch Dominik Diamond get crucified. But sadly, if it's not God's will, then who am I to suggest otherwise?

But I can't say I was entirely surprised when, after receiveing complete absolution from his priest, Diamond began to "question the relevance" of getting repeatedly whipped with a bamboo cane before being nailed to a cross. Diamond would have been only the second Western man to participate in the culturally important Karabrio ceremony, so maybe I'm kind of glad he didn't have the opportunity to completely exploit their cultural values for the sake of boosting the ratings of a crappy TV show.

It did remind me of two things:-
1) An article I once read in Kerrang a few years ago which suggested that Marilyn Manson had nailed a groupie to the wall before subjecting her to various horrific sexual practices (possible, but highly unlikely)

2) A brilliant Chris Morris sketch for Blue Jam (which for some reason wasn't used in the TV series) about a suicide columnist who documents the lead up to his eventual suicide in a regular newspaper column, only to reveal at the last minute at a dinner party full of literary critics who fawn over his "brilliant" and "tragic" writing, that - Ta Da! It was all a lie! He was never going to kill himself anyway. His critics are pretty pissed off about this.

Makes you think, eh?

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