Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Clerks 2

Pointless from beginning to end.
Middle. Of. The. Road.


abe said...

facile? banal? dated even? smith should grow up and make that blockbuster comic book movie he reckons he doesn't want to make, then maybe we wouldn't ever have to be subjected to this kind of self indulgent, onanistic tripe again. maull was right about the alternative ending for clerks (in which dante gets blown away) being preferable but im sure smith would have found a way to subject us to a pointless sequel. mall rats 2 in which brody must overcome his domineering mother and lust for comics (again) in order to win the heart of a shannon doherty lite anyone?

Phil said...

Minorly entertaining - but then again I sort of cracked a smile at that Borat trailer. My one comment is WHY?

Still..... donkey porn....