Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Life, etc.

Wednesday already, although life as Little Miss Unemployed means that one day just blurs into another at the moment. I am wondering where my CELTA application and pre-interview task sheet has got to. Just how long does it take to get post from Barcelona for chrissakes? Am beginning to think it may well have either got lost in the post or have been nabbed by Dave's little bro who has been working at the Bristol postal service for a while now... Have also noticed bank statements keep arriving covered in sellotape - I figured that was just my mother who has a tendency to open letters "by mistake".

The day before yesterday I went to see the new Almodovar movie with Alex - Volver. It was kind of a feel good movie, very touching, very sweet and completely female driven. Given my notorious hatred of women and chick flicks I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this film (although you should perhaps bear in mind that I did actually cry during The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants). Penelope Cruz was really entertaining to watch, so I may just have to revise my previous opinions of her. She also had the BEST stylist.

Another benefit of seeing this movie was that I had the chance to see a trailer for another film that looks fucking awesome! It's called Brothers of the Head and is a "mock-rockumentary" about a pair of conjoined twins who form a punk rock band in the mid-seventies.
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