Thursday, October 12, 2006

Eat my Humble, Christmas Pie!

Been staying at another B&B - 'Christmas Pie', named after a village in Surrey where the owners came from.
It's a lovely, friendly place with a HUGE breakfast menu, the likes of which I've never seen before.You get to choose options from British, American, Continental or Indian breakfasts and its pretty fantastic food.
Today, for example: chorizo and scrambled eggs on toast and Alex had eggs benedict and a tower of pancakes and maple syrup which neither of us could manage.
Plus little Lindt chocolates on the pillows and sparkly elephants along the skirting boards becuase we were in the 'Indian' room.

On the downside, the head of dept. wants me to cut out 1,500 words from my dissertation "just to be on the safe side". I have about 30mins to do this otherwise I'm gonna miss the train to Bristol and really can't afford any more catered sleeping options. Think I'm getting a stomach ulcer...

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