Thursday, October 05, 2006

Rumination on the rain...

Back in Swampea whinging and moaning because of the rain, staying in a pretty dreary B+B in a last-ditch attempt at finishing my dissertation. Avoiding work as per usual - hence the blog entry.
Have had a pretty miserable couple of week's. Here are the editied highlights:-

A really annoying Asian toddler bawled on the train all the way from Newport to Swansea while his parents desperately to control his tantrums, alas to no avail; a nasty man shouted at me in an incomprehensible language after I took my umbrella into his shop, "There's WATER coming in!" he screamed (I think) whilst pushing me out of the door. Hardly surprising given that it was pissing down outside and I don't think a few drips from my umbrella would be any worse than the 1000s of drunkards on East Street trudging a load of mud through. I only wanted a bar of Dairy Milk, and it wasn't even for me, it was for my housemate. 3rd instance of rudeness was in Indian restaurant the day before yesterday where we were constantly harrassed with the sour faced waiters trying to nab our plates so they could keep their production line factory-restaurant running smoothly. And I was given a Starter I hadn't even ordered.

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