Friday, January 05, 2007

The Sonic Marble Run

Above: The Sonic Marble Run at the Grant Bradley Gallery.

Usually I'm pretty sceptical of sound art, but Oliver Jon Pigott has done something amazing with this. Using metal tubing, wires, CDs and pipes, speakers distort the sound of rolling marbles which splinker, plonk, and clang their way through this gigantic version of the 'Mousetrap' game. I met a woman who had taken her toddler here the other day and couldn't resist coming back on her own for a second go.

These last couple of days have been fantastic! Yesterday, for example: after weeks of fruitless searching, I finally found the guitar of my dreams in Dan's tiny guitar shop, which is tucked away in a tiny street, just down the road from Zero Degrees. It's a really beautiful acoustic guitar and is quite reasonably priced too. Now I just have to wait until Monday to pick it up so that Dan can give it a make-over by rubbing his "magic sparkly spunk juice" over it. Can't wait.

I now have a Spanish guardian angel who always seems to be looking at websites on tango classes or wandering the streets of Bedmo whenever good fortune strikes. I stared at his back for evidence of strapped down wings today but his jacket was too puffy to tell for sure. Still... I have my suspicions.

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