Sunday, January 14, 2007

Swinging like a hammer

Last Thursday's news in the Swindon Advertiser notes an incident in which a Year 11
boy was left unconscious after having been struck several times by a hammer on the
school tennis courts. hammer.php

As horible as this is, it reminded me of a newspaper headline Phil alerted me to a few months back while we were staying in Swansea: "Baby 'swung like hammer'" . Having never heard the term used in this way it seemed like quite a bizarre analogy to make, and was a departure from Swansea Evening Post's prediliction for "probing" news stories which are regular headline news, possibly a nod to the city's large homosexual community. I'm well aware that "probing" is sexual innuendo, as opposed to specifically homo or hetero; however, the term seems so synonymous in the popular consciousness with "anal" as say "pert" or "baps" - words which could just as easily refer to noses or bread (but usually don't), that I feel justified in mentioning it here.

Anyway, this got me wondering about other possible uses of the term "Swinging hammer".
The results?

  • The rest were pretty boring, and actually about tools which were "swung like hammers" apart from one hammer website in which the hammer was "swung like an axe", presumably to avoid using the word too much, and thereby having the article result in tedium .

  • "Hang gliders and hammers… two items not normally related in the same breath…!"

I also found a charming story about "Old Pedro", a Mexican trailer park resident and silly know-it-all "Walter the gringo" who goes hang gliding over Mt. Whitney. Some nice pictures, and lots of hammer swinging, because apparently Walter was meant to remove his counterweight hammer from the hangar prior to his flight, but being the arrogant young upstart that he is, he forgets about the a common flyers’ "warning decal which read REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT" because, TREATING EVERYTHING AS A JOKE, Walter figures this warning "more as comical than necessary". Oh, the fool. The story is called "Hammer bound for Hell" , which is a great title and it's worth reading for that reason alone.

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