Monday, September 21, 2009

Oktoberfest 2009: Dirndln und Lederhosen

Yesterday was the first official day of Oktoberfest, and Munich is already swarming with tourists in brightly coloured cute, kitschy dirndln and those rather fetching, if a little sweaty looking lederhosen. Bavarians, I have been assured, actually do still wear this traditional garb on special occasions but nowadays, if you see a group of hot men in flowered, knee length brown leather pants and white woolen socks pulled up to their calves, they are most likely to be speaking in an American accent. The dirndl is a firm favourite amongst women, as it is wonderfully feminine and has the magical ability of making the most humbly endowed of women appear like a Russ Meyer heroine! Wunderbar!

Although I love the beautiful, princess-like, golden Dirndl that Paris Hilton wore to the Oktoberfest a couple of years ago, nothing beats the more traditional Bavarian styles in bright reds, pinks and purples for the festival season. The best thing about the Dirndl is, of course, that you can drink as much beer at Oktoberfest as you like without a hint of a tummy bulge!

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