Friday, September 16, 2005

A little afternoon delight at the banana stand...

Another very funny episode of Arrested Development at the end of another relatively uneventful day in which I struggled to think of something interesting and original to write about Frankenstein but wound up spending too much time on the internet and playing around with my Zoom 505 which is such a great pedal that the whole afternoon just flew by.

I also checked out Kevin Smith's online diary and in the hope of finding some Clerks 2 info but this was pretty fruitless (although the site is fairly interesting and I may add it to my links section on this blog at some point). There is a new section on the site - where you can watch and vote on shorts submitted by amateur filmmakers, earlier I watched Lost in Transportation: a romantic tale about a desperate luggage handler whose work goes largely unappreciated until he befriends a small town beauty queen. Quite pointless but mildly entertaining nonetheless.

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