Sunday, September 18, 2005

Warts and all

Anyone who has ever spent even the smallest amount of time with me will realise what an incredible hypochondriac I am; in the space of a little under two weeks I have been totally convinced of having been afflicted with various potentially life threatening illnesses such as cancer, deep vein thrombosis and heart disease. Serious. I have also developed an inexplicable fear of dogs.
And now skin diseases. The problem lies with the man who served me in a music store in Bristol whose hand was really warty. It was so extreme that it reminded me of this illustration I saw in a comic book a couple of days ago in which a female heroine is attacked by a psycho bitch who makes bubbles pop out of her skin and float away. It was a really disturbing image and this guy's hand reminded me of it because it was totally covered with just these semi-formed flesh bubbles. I also did feel kind of sorry for him I might add, and I didn't want to treat him like a leper or anything. Only now I have a red dot on my hand that I am sure was not there yesterday...
Not to worry as the pharmacist seems to think you can only catch them through blood or pus. Yuck, and phew.

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