Monday, September 26, 2005

The new and improved library

Yeah, right. For only £300,000 we can spend six months moving the main entrance about six feet to the left of the old one for NO APPARENT REASON. Oh no, I forgot it's well worth it now that students have "easier access" ie they don't have to walk around a corner on the way in and the entrance is "more welcoming" according to the Director of Library and Information Services. That's all wonderful but who knows why the library was shut for the majority of the summer making it pretty impossible to get much work done. Oh and I admit to being a naturally lazy person but was testing the fire alarms and the tannoy system every five minutes entirely necessary during opening hours? Probably not. Air conditioning in the Postgrad area would be nice as it's sweltering all the time.
On a happier note, that Courteney Cox DVD arrived this morning.


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