Friday, September 23, 2005

Pizza Go Home!

As exciting as watching pizza dough rise under a table lamp is, I decided that perhaps my time would be better spent doing other things such as blogging and bidding on Ebay for obscure rom-coms starring Courtney Cox(£3.20 - I won and I still can't believe there were 7 other bidders on this dvd).
The ebay song is proving disturbingly accurate:
Thanks for that one Phil.

As you can gather, we are currently in the process of creating some wonderful home-made pizza, and I am definitely a Fiorentina person, being a big fan of cheese, eggs and spinach basically predisposes me to favour this one but I can also appreciate a good old fashioned Margherita which is after all, an all time classic. However, NOTHING will ever rival the sumptous delights of Prague pizzeria 'Pizza Go Home' which is open 24 hrs a day and there was one literally within two minutes walk from the youth hostel in which we were staying in Praha 2. Aside from the authoritarian title of the place there was also a cute cartoon pizza with little legs speedily running away from the pizza place for customers who didn't get the message "You got your pizza, and it's really late at night so GO HOME!" We must have gone there every day, maybe even sometimes twice in one day, it really was that good.
Run away, run away!


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